efferent neuron

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a neuron conducting impulses outwards from the brain or spinal cord

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In many cases, an interneuron exists between the afferent and efferent neurons (Figure 6-3).
timolol suggest concurrent activation of adrenergic efferent neurons. In conclusion, juxta-cardiac mediastinal nerve stimulation can induce atrial fibrillation from multiple, discrete right and left atrial sites, which correspond to localized repolarization changes.
Efferent neuron dominance always depresses afferent control of digestion and detoxification, making it impossible for commensals to colonize and survive.
Robertson, "Horseradish peroxidase injection of physiologically characterized afferent and efferent neurones in the guinea pig spiral ganglion," Hearing Research, vol.
Briefly, the cell bodies of these efferent neurons are located at the base of the brain; their axons project to the eyes through each of the optic nerves; they synapse on to all cell types in the eyes, including photoreceptors; and their activity is controlled by a circadian clock located in the brain.
The enteric nervous system (ENS) is the third component of the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS) (Langley, 1921) because of its structure and function maintenance in the absence of central nervous system (CNS) efferent neurons (Furness & Costa, 1987; Furness, 2000; Furness, 2006).