efferent nerve

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In summary, according to characteristic hearing dysfunction, AN may occur in the afferent pathway of acoustic nerve, probably accompanied by the pathological changes of efferent nerve in the olivocochlear system inside the brainstem.
Botulinum neurotoxin serotype A suppresses neurotransmitter release from afferent as well as efferent nerves in the urinary bladder.
The abnormality of autonomic function in patients with COPD may affect stimulus reception, afferent nerve conduction, central processing, efferent nerve conduction, and neuromuscular response.
Direct measurement of cardiac sympathetic efferent nerve activity during dynamic exercise.
Some concern has been raised that afferent and efferent nerve fibers may also be inhibited resulting in muscular weakness--particularly of the quadriceps muscle.
This is due to descending efferent nerve tracts that synapse with spinal efferent neurons.