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Synonyms for effectual

Synonyms for effectual

producing or able to produce a desired effect

Synonyms for effectual

producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect

having legal efficacy or force


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Embora o modelo teorico de effectuation tenha evoluido nos ultimos anos (Chandler, DeTienne, McKelvie, & Mumford, 2011; Fisher, 2012; Sarasvathy, 2001a, 2008; Sarasvathy & Dew, 2005), uma de suas vertentes, a associada a investigacao das metodologias de ensino adequadas ao desenvolvimento do comportamento effectual, encontra-se, ainda hoje, pouco explorada.
Appropriate preparation and updating of land records and their communication to all stakeholder groups is a pre-requisite to effectual land management.
A lot of thought has gone into this restructuring with which we intend to create an even more effectual and concentrated portfolio of companies that resolutely cater to their respective services.
While the winner of that race Effectual has not yet resurfaced, Paint The Star, who was six lengths away in third, has won a couple of races since to boost the form.
In this paper we focus only on one effectuation principle, the principle of partnership instead of competitive analysis, as a display of effectual logic in the networking of internationalizing SMEs (see e.
Firstly, even though effectuation has presented a paradigm shift in understanding the entrepreneurial decision-making logic, until recently there have been only a few studies to empirically test the effectual logic (Perry et al.
The Minister also considered that an effectual Arab media role in the fight against terrorism necessitates a partnership work plan among the various Arab media outlets.
Laura Harford, from Brookdale, Old Bawn, Tallaght, South Dublin, pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of not having a dog under effectual control on November 9 last.
08(Saba)-- Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) organized in Japan's capital Tokoyo on Monday a workshop on the effectual implementation of Japanese official aid to Yemen.
In doing so, we show how an effectual approach can help resolve four central conflicts and knowledge gaps identified in two recent comprehensive reviews of IE.
In this situation, there is danger of an effectual suspending of Bulgaria's Constitution.
Opening the 2nd technical follow-up meeting of the Donors Conference to Yemen, Basindwa underlined Yemen's aspiration to work together with the donor community and development partners to overcome such challenges to become an effectual state in at the regional and international levels.
He said that the problem with Republicans was a lack of effectual leaders, adding that there is nobody you can sit across the table from and shake hands, make a deal with.
The audience laughed the actor off the stage) would be motivated by a metaphorical operation whereby an experiential action is conceptualized as an effectual one.