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Synonyms for effectual

Synonyms for effectual

producing or able to produce a desired effect

Synonyms for effectual

producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect

having legal efficacy or force


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When this method fails, they have two others more effectual, which the learned among them call acrostics and anagrams.
In the sky soared the German airships like beings in a different, entirely more orderly world, all oriented to the same angle of the horizon, uniform in build and appearance, moving accurately with one purpose as a pack of wolves will move, distributed with the most precise and effectual co-operation.
He had had uncomfortable suspicions on that head himself, I imagined; but such was his inexperience, and such were the lady's powers of attraction, and her skill in bringing them to bear upon his young imagination, that they had not disturbed him long; and I believe the only effectual causes of the vacillating indecision that had preserved him hitherto from making an actual declaration of love, was the consideration of her connections, and especially of her mother, whom he could not abide.
Very different would have been his sentiments had he discovered the whole; which perhaps would in time have been the case, had the husband and wife long continued this kind of behaviour to each other; but this kind Fortune took effectual means to prevent, by forcing the captain to do that which rendered him again dear to his wife, and restored all her tenderness and affection towards him.
She did not pester their young brains with too much learning, but, on the contrary, let them have their own way in regard to educating themselves; for what instruction is more effectual than self-instruction?
You can't imagine what an effectual remedy it is for every sort of foolishness.
Beaufort had taken effectual measures to conceal himself, and it was ten months before my father discovered his abode.
Charlotte's fist was by no means a light one; but, lest it should not be effectual in calming Oliver's wrath, Mrs.
Prefabrication and Modular Construction has become a synonym for timely and effectual construction and is fast replacing the conventional methods of construction around the globe.
A lot of thought has gone into this restructuring with which we intend to create an even more effectual and concentrated portfolio of companies that resolutely cater to their respective services.
She said, the firm's capability to develop an effectual lay in their unity as a team.
While the winner of that race Effectual has not yet resurfaced, Paint The Star, who was six lengths away in third, has won a couple of races since to boost the form.
In this paper we focus only on one effectuation principle, the principle of partnership instead of competitive analysis, as a display of effectual logic in the networking of internationalizing SMEs (see e.
The Minister also considered that an effectual Arab media role in the fight against terrorism necessitates a partnership work plan among the various Arab media outlets.
Laura Harford, from Brookdale, Old Bawn, Tallaght, South Dublin, pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of not having a dog under effectual control on November 9 last.