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In terms of losers in the efficiency and effectivity categories, the Seattle Mariners are this year's winner, or rather loser.
Stimulation #1--As received geometry simulated with all shop floor based process parameters and a feeding effectivity value of 30%.
Not surprisingly, such a DBMS must also feature sophisticated change control, effectivity management, database security, data synchronization, and database administrator-specific tools.
The constant repetition that rhetoric is a form of persuasion fails to account for how a constitutive model of rhetorical effectivity privileges identification over persuasion as the key to unpacking the rhetorical nature of public argument.
Only Will Hutton's brief comment strikes a discordant note by questioning the market and pointing to factors such as the globalisation of finance which must necessarily constrain the effectivity of the new values of the left.
Beginning with the premise that race is one of several" communities of meaning" existing "|out there' in the world," and that its effectivity in the production and interpretation of culture belongs in "the province .
The program, jointly sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, will utilize rapidly changing technology to enhance manufacturing efficiency and effectivity.
Pricing effectivity: Dramatically increases the flexibility of the pricing engine with regard to effectivity dates.
There is no specific timetable for the effectivity of the buyback program and management at its discretion will act on the timing and buying levels as it deems fit,' the disclosure said.
Other salient revisions on the policy on index management include the schedule and the effectivity date of the recomposition.
Upon effectivity of this ACT, all gift checks already issued shall be covered by the provisions of this Act," the law said.
The range of topics of the conducted research works included the following ones: Effect of bond yields on the stock market, Evaluating crisis response policies by the central banks of Armenia and Georgia 2014-present, Effectivity and developmental potential of financial education in Armenia, Capital flows and financial vulnerabilities in emerging markets, A learning-based model of central bank bailout decision-making and The spillover effects of Russia's economic slowdown on EEU member countries".
In addition to cost effectivity they also benefit from a newly motivated and environmentally aware personnel as well as an improved corporate image", said Coordinator Green Office/Environmental Assessment, WWF-Pakistan Nazifa Butt.
With 20+ years of delivering support services around the world, our team can ensure that the client's issues are resolved quickly and effectivity.
In extending the mandate of the IMT -- which was supposed to expire by March 2012 -- the negotiating parties also prolonged the effectivity of the Terms of Referrence of the Humanitarian Rehabilitation and Development Component (HRDC).