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one who brings about a result or event

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About TC-DC Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma TC-DC therapy takes a sample of the patient's own dendritic cells, which are the 'trainer' cells of effecter immune cells, and a sample of the patient's tumor stem cells, and co-cultures them together in the lab.
During mild cool exposure vasoconstriction is the most important thermoregulatory effecter, which can be clearly observed in the upper-extremity region.
Modererende effecter av sosial st0tte og personlighet [Bullying at work and its relationship with health complaints - moderating effects of social support and personality].
For instance, Hubmaier declared, "We will not confess that God is a doer or creator of sin," and quoted Augustine in concurrence: "Of what God is not the planter he is neither the maker nor effecter.
The primary course of high triglycerides includes familial hyper cholesterolemia and secondary effecter can arise due to carbohydrate, alcohol and diabetes induced high triglycerides, obesity, chronic renal failure nephritic syndrome, excessive stress etc (9).