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any of various small free-living plant-parasitic roundworms

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The plants began to suffer, then I saw a mole had got into the frame, so I dug the soil out to put wire mesh at the bottom, but found the soil was full of eelworms.
There are a couple of eelworms that can cause damage, particularly ones that target potatoes, tomatoes and chrysanthemums.
Xinhua said quarantine officials in the city of Anshan in the northeastern province of Liaoning detected the eelworms on May 28.
Crop rotation prevents a build-up of pests and diseases in the soil, such as clubroot in brassicas, eelworms in potatoes and tomatoes and root rots in peas and beans.
Some people have even had luck injecting these tiny parasitic eelworms into the stems of squash plants infested with squash vine borers, and Japanese beetle grubs make fine hosts for nematodes, too.
Nematodes (eelworms) can attack a huge range of plants, though many are harmless and some even beneficial.
Many organic gardeners use nematodes, or "eelworms".
A IT would appear that microscopic eelworms are attacking your plant.
Buy these microscopic eelworms from Green Gardener (01603 715096,
You can get rid of the pest with microscopic eelworms which get inside the grubs and release bacteria which kills them.
The most important breakthrough in biological control for the garden also involves bacteria - those carried inside microscopic, soil-inhabiting eelworms or nematodes.
A THE plant has been attacked by eelworms that feed within the stems and foliage then overwinter in the dormant buds at the base of the plant.
Marigolds, when planted around tomatoes release a chemical into the soil, which deters Eelworms.
A ADRIENNE SAYS It's more than likely your bulbs are being destroyed by microscopic narcissus eelworms, which, if left unchecked, will tend to get worse year after year.