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any of various small free-living plant-parasitic roundworms

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The culprit is the Narcissus Eelworm, a microscopic pest that feeds on the bulb.
This is because of nutritional problems and most important of all potato eelworm. You'll just about manage to see pin-head sized cysts on the roots of infected plants which fail to develop and crop properly.
There is also a nematode, a microscopic eelworm, which is a parasite of vine weevils.
Some varieties are said to have a bit of resistance to eelworm.
These will be followed by the first early Winston, another white that is said to be resistant to disease, virus and eelworm.
As a general rule, it's all right to compost the stalks or haulms, but if there was any sign of disease, eg blight or eelworm, burn the lot or dispose of it in your wheelie bin.
This is certainly down to either eelworm or virus and in either case I would dig up the bulbs and burn them.
Nemasys Caterpillar Killer - the latest horse to come out of the stables of this biological control company is a nematode (parasitic eelworm) that will attack the tiny green caterpillars of theGooseberry Sawfly.
Eelworm also love a good spud and a wise choice would be a resistant variety such as Robinta.
Move groundsel and chickweed near growing chrysanthemums as they host chrysanthemum eelworm ?
It would be a different story, though, if my phlox suffered from stem eelworm. This rules out stem cuttings, but the roots are unaffected, so root cuttings are safe.
Lift stunted potato plants to check roots for signs of potato cyst eelworm.?