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elongate freshwater cod of northern Europe and Asia and North America having barbels around its mouth

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In total 18 flounder, four rockling, a coalfish and two eelpouts where weighed in.
The mean concentrations of lead in the muscle tissue of the investigated fishes decreased in the order perch (Pargas-Parainen), Crucian carp (Tvarminne), eelpout (Muuga), bleak (Vaike Vain), burbot (Gennarby), smelt (Vaike Vain), perch (Vaike Vain), Baltic herring (Vaike Vain), ide (Tvarminne), burbot (Pargas-Parainen) (Tables 1 and 1a).
Number Species number length length of (mm) (mm) years English Sole 10,427 11 470 20 (Parophrys vetulus) Spotted Ratfish 4067 80 550 20 (Hydrolagus colliei) Blackbelly Eelpout 3398 33 997 20 (Lycodes pacificus) Pacific Tomcod 2677 16 480 20 (Microgadus proximus) Slender Sole 2242 20 340 20 (Lyopsetta exilis) Flathead Sole 1665 60 342 20 (Hippoglossoideselassodon) Shiner Perch 1139 10 * 16 (Cymatogaster aggregata) Pacific Hake 958 69 565 19 (Merluccius productus) Speckled Sanddab 853 55 340 19 (Citharichthys stigmaeus) Rock soles (Lepidopsetta 773 74 415 20 bilineata and L.
There was that time we put an eelpout (burbot) in Perry Good's livewell and by the next morning it had eaten all his chubs," Skarlis says.
In situ investigations on the respiration and behaviour of the eelpout Zoarces viviparus under short term hypoxia.
From the Aitkin Fish House Parade, to the Brainered Extravaganza, to the Walker Eelpout Festival, to camping overnight on Lake of the Woods, to a wedding, "The Fish House Book" is a fascinating and informative glimpse into a genuine upper midwest American subculture.
15 hot (GSg : NSg), 16 piss (PSg : GSg), 17 home (PSg, NGP1 : NGSg), 18 hand (PSg : GSg, 19 I (NSg, PSg : GSg), 20 to come (3Sg, Inf : Imp2Sg), 21 sin (NGP1 : PSg), 22 believe (3Sg : Inf), 23 rooster (NGP1 : NGSg), 24 eelpout (NGP1 : NGSg), 25 oak (NGP1 : GSg), 26 pike (NGP1 : NGSg), 27 to feel (3Sg : Inf), 28 rod; wicker (NGSg : PSg), 29 stocking (NGSg : PSg), 30 branch (NGSg : PSg), 31 cloud (NGSg : PSg), 32 foot (NGSg : PSg), 33 time (NGSg : PSg), 34 child (PSg : GSg), 35 woman (PSg : GSg), 36 net (PSg : NGSg), 37 key (NSg : PSg), 38 insect (GSg : NSg), 39 boar (NSg : GSg), 40 handle for carrying (NSg : GSg), 41 ax (NSg : GSg), 42 of the time of (adj.
40 The burbot or eelpout is one of the very few freshwater members of which fish family?
The unassuming eelpout, as it is locally referred to, is not an eel (not that there's anything wrong with being an eel, although the "pout" is usually provided by the one who has caught it), has been shown the greatest degree of public disfavor among those discriminated classes I have introduced.
hiding spaces; enemies or predators; two of the following: cod, sculpin, eelpout, sea robins, skates, octopi, other lobsters
Some 10 to 25 percent of male eelpout (Zoarces viviparous) are intersex, which means they have characteristics of both genders.
TUPELO ta1= couplet, eelpout, gluepot, octuple, opulent, outleap, outyelp, pollute
Among predatory fishes, eelpout (Zoarces viviparus) and dab (Limanda limanda) were observed in low densities at the site during two nocturnal dives.
the eelpout Zoarces viviparus, which does not allow the collection of mating pairs, a situation found in many other species as well.
Darren Lister finished third with five rockling and two eelpout, also from Cowbar Jetty, for 1lb 6oz, in a match fished by 14 with 10 weighing in a total of three codling, three flounder, a tadpole fish, a pouting, a sand dab, three eelpout and 15 rockling.