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submerged marine plant with very long narrow leaves found in abundance along North Atlantic coasts

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On average the content of organic matter in the sediment varied between 0.38% and 1.47% for the eelgrass bed and between 0.29% and 1.1% for the bare sand.
Their conclusion stated that the circles were formed due to the patterns of the growth of the eelgrass that radiates in its surrounding.
The characterization of eelgrass biomass and its dynamics is an important input for the assessment of the overall status of both natural and transplanted eelgrass populations.
The physical structure of fragmented eelgrass habitat in the bay presents an ideal opportunity to investigate the genetic effect such landscape structure can have on a plant population.
Some of them get caught up in the eelgrass, creating rogue bioluminescent communities as far south as Inverness.
Eelgrass meadows in shallow inlets are important nursery habitats for cod, for example.
Macroalgal canopies contribute to eelgrass (Zostera marina) decline in temperate estuarine ecosystems.
According to the state Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, studies in Sweden suggest the shrimp can eat so many smaller creatures that green algae will grow out of control, leading to the smothering of eelgrass beds.
One spot on the peninsula is the only place on mainland Britain where the spotted rock rose survives, and there are important colonies of eelgrass, a flowering marine plant.
Submerged oxygenators: Canadian Pondweed, Eelgrass, Fanwort, Hornwort, Water Moss, and Water Violet.
Brant geese had found Hughes' study plots of eelgrass clones, which she had genetically analyzed with great care.
The work to be performed provides for eelgrass surveying, mapping, transplanting, and monitoring; aerial photography; general in-water survey and mapping; and exotic marine vegetation and alga surveys for NAVFAC Southwest and its customer commands.
Brant are currently exhibiting a northward shift from their primary wintering areas in Baja California that appears related to changes in the availability and abundance of eelgrass (Zostera marina), their primary food during the nonbreeding season (Ward et al., 2005).
Hidden in the murky waters, green turtles take sanctuary among the eelgrass beds.