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entertainment that is intended to be educational

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AppyKids is a Growl Media brand, based in the UAE, working to create high quality, innovative edutainment content for young children around the world.
The edutainment centre aims to create a healthy, safe and fun-filled environment for children to learn, play and develop their skills.
Ameeri said that this comes as part of Municipality's keenness to support and encourage green initiatives by individuals or organisations in the emirate of Dubai, and pointed out that Al Athb Girls School has demonstrated how to utilize the used tyres to build a beautiful edutainment park for children in schools.
Here the authority of Al Athb Girls School has demonstrated a wonderful example on how to utilize the used tyres to build a beautiful edutainment park for kids in the schools.
KidZania is an edutainment concept that combines education with entertainment and it is meant for children between 4 and 14 years.
is a Colorado based 501c(3) Edutainment Company started in 1990 producing hundreds of live and televised events for families.
The edutainment city will feature 60 branded establishments including an airport, school, university, bank, hospital, clinics, restaurants, shops, factories, call center, gas station, police and fire stations, real estate, newspaper office, radio and TV stations, the firm said.
The brand new content created and managed by Rubicon Group Holding, will be designed to aid learning and educate younger customers in an entertaining format, a concept known as edutainment.
Hyderabad, March 30 (ANI): A media company has launched an edutainment portal on Indian politics to lure voters for the upcoming polls.
Everyone is moving in that direction in the edutainment business because everything else is filling up already,'' Freschette said.
The edutainment and productivity software developer has launched a new divi- sion, Red Orb Entertainment, to produce the types of action games one would not expect from family-friendly Broderbund.
Here's a neat piece of edutainment that helps youngsters read as well as interact with favourite film characters.
Thus far, Metamorphosis Studios has developed multicultural edutainment software for Bingwa, a black-owned, Atlanta-based software publisher.
Jonathan Eubanks, President of EARI and producer of the new Shaolin brand of education entertainment media to be known as Edutainment.
Based in Dubai, with a team of 20 multi cultural and talented people, AppyKids develop and design edutainment content for the MENA and South Asian market.