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In the previous section of this paper, I argued that online discussions must be educationally viable, and I offered a heuristic for determining educational Viability.
The bill gives 16 per cent reservation to the members of the Maratha community in government jobs and admission in government institutions, under the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Citizens (SEBC).
First, the 14 socially and educationally backward communities of Muslim minorities listed in the state list were not included in the central OBC list.
To supervise and administer this ludicrous tax the council has had to employ more staff (on protected salaries and pensions) and all in all this entire project can only be described as an unmitigated and expensive disaster - financially and educationally.
She said: "Educationally, a co-ed school was beneficial because it drove me to work harder.
Despite voluminous efforts -- educationally, politically, and socially -- African American students continue to underachieve in the American school system, particularly in literacy.
Aberdeen Council believe young people are educationally disadvantaged by long summer lay-offs.
Teachers called the exam "educationally and morally wrong".
Subtitled Improving the Visual Environment in Schools, this book is a somewhat uneven amalgam of ideas concerned with making schools more aesthetically pleasing and educationally productive.
But from now on, this commission can effectively work towards the welfare and upliftment of people belonging to the socially and educationally backward classes.
THE HUMAN resource ministry's ( HRD) much talked- about ' model' degree colleges to be set up in 374 educationally backward districts seems to have run into rough weather.
By participating in the National Board Certification process, participants are joining tens of thousands of educators in an unprecedented effort to reshape the public's perception of educators, to create more professional and educationally rewarding relationships among educators, to advance the knowledge base of educators, and, ultimately, to improve student learning.
"The younger children are settled in school, have formed good friendships and are doing well educationally.
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