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a specialist in the theory of education

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Maestro in structuralism and ruralism landscape painting, art educationalist.
The awards are presented annually to educationalists who make a meaningful difference to the student and teaching community.
I WAS staggered to read about the so-called educationalist who reckons computer games are good for kids.
It involves a great deal more than any Christian or any educationalist has yet realized" (214).
36] The other early twentieth-century Dutch expert who valued pity above educational principles, Frits van Raalte, happened to be the first Dutch educationalist with a positive interest in psychoanalysis.
I recalled a conversation with a senior educationalist in Lebanon (where it is also a delicate subject).
We should trust the educationalist to do their job and expect the politicians to provide the best resources possible, so that the potential of our young people can be realized.
A WELL known educationalist who promoted comprehensive education in the 1980s has died at the age of 91.
The Brian Jackson Centre, named after educationalist Brian Jackson, was to house a child-minding programme, a project with Chinese children, a headquarters for the innovative Playbus scheme and help for Asian families.
KARACHI -- The 7th Annual United Nations Conference on Teaching Peace and Human Rights in a multi-cultural world formally concluded with renowned educationalist Parveen Kassim, Chairperson International Schools Educational Olympiad and Principal Karachi High School winning the global educators award from Pakistan.
Punishing students by asking them to clean the school is an improper educational step," said an educationalist who did not want his name published.
TRIBUTES have been paid to a Liverpool educationalist who has died after a long battle with cancer.
The education world has lost a highly talented and inspirational educationalist who consistently placed the individual child first and foremost in his priorities and the priorities of his school.
Indian educationalist and Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Mohammed Haneesh will speak at the seminar entitled Way to Civil Service.
Scholars of history, culture, politics, and history rescue Pearse (1879-1916) from the simplicities of his iconic status to examine his life as an Irish educationalist, journalist, Irish language advocate, and radical republican.
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