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a specialist in the theory of education

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MITHI -- Educationalists and rights activists have shown deep concern over the deteriorating state of education in Thar district as mentioned in a report recAently released by NGO Alif Ailaan.
asked Manpreet Kaur, a Sikh scholar and educationalist.
The Teacher's Day is celebrated annually on September 5 in India to mark the birth anniversary of the country's first vice-president, second president and eminent educationalist Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
Scholars of history, culture, politics, and history rescue Pearse (1879-1916) from the simplicities of his iconic status to examine his life as an Irish educationalist, journalist, Irish language advocate, and radical republican.
I WAS staggered to read about the so-called educationalist who reckons computer games are good for kids.
It involves a great deal more than any Christian or any educationalist has yet realized" (214).
36] The other early twentieth-century Dutch expert who valued pity above educational principles, Frits van Raalte, happened to be the first Dutch educationalist with a positive interest in psychoanalysis.
I recalled a conversation with a senior educationalist in Lebanon (where it is also a delicate subject).
A religious reformer and educationalist as well, Grundtvig was a figure of great influence in Denmark.
The conference was inaugurated by Major General Agha Umar Farooque, a prominent educationalist who is not a political figure; its closing session was chaired by retired Justice Syed Ali Aslam Jafferi.
This they said while addressing the death anniversary of the poet, educationalist Sir Shafi Memon.
Talking to VOA, renowned educationalist Dr Mohammad Aslam also said that 60 percent of children quit education by the time they reach the primary and middle school level, whereas 45 percent of students leave schooling prior to completion of their Matriculation.
A LEADING educationalist from Pakistan was a guest at the University of Huddersfield.
He is also the nephew of ANP leader Abdul Wali Khan, the great Pashto poet Abdul Ghani Khan and the educationalist Abdul Ali Khan.
TRIBUTES have been paid to a Liverpool educationalist who has died after a long battle with cancer.
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