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an institution dedicated to education

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Electronic Auction: Provision of services for medical examination and laboratory research in educational institutions of Oktyabrsky district in 2018
A total of 66 persons were arrested in 2017 for their alleged involvement in drugs supply to the local educational institutions , of which the QAU seemed a prime target of the criminals.
Where the educational institution is required to provide certain deliverables in return for the funding and is required to provide the intellectual property and other products of the research to the funder then this will be a supply of research services and subject to VAT at 5%.
Henares had said that these institutions should be 'subject to internal revenue taxes on income from trade, business or other activity, the conduct of which is not related to the exercise or performance by such educational institution of its educational purpose or function.
The introduction of an outside authority, however high it may be, either directly or through its nominee in the Managing Committee/Governing Body of the minority educational institution to conduct the affairs of the institution would be completely destructive of the fundamental right guaranteed by Article 30(1) of the Constitution and would reduce the Management to a helpless entity having no real say in the matter and thus destroy the very personality and individuality of the institution which is fully protected by Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India.
MUSCAT -- Eight educational institutions from India took part in different segments of the three-day educational exhibition organised by Oman International Trade and Exhibitions Company LLC (OITE) at Oman International Exhibition Centre.
Parents increasingly have a great interest in the educational institution their child is attending but little influence over the enterprise.
221-1(e)(1) provides that an eligible educational institution can be any college, university, vocational school or other postsecondary educational institution described in Section 481 of the Higher Education Act of 1965 (20 USC Section 1088).
Unlike the traditionally isolated academic model, these partnerships incorporate the concerns and ideas of the community in the decisions that shape the research, programs, teaching, and service of the educational institution (Clark, 1999).
The table C-22 gives distribution of the disabled population in the age-group 5-19 by their attendance status in educational institution, type of disability, age, sex and residence for India, State/UT and Cities.
What is the procedure for establishing a Minority Educational Institution under the Act?
Anyone who is thinking about contributing to a private educational institution plan should carefully consider this restriction, as individuals who contribute to qualified state plans may contribute to multiple state plans.
Open Competition: Provision Of Security Services For The Municipal Budget Preschool Educational Institution Kindergarten Number 42, Municipal Budget Preschool Educational Institution Kindergarten Number 43, Municipal Budget Preschool Educational Institution Kindergarten Number 45, Municipal Budget Preschool Educational Institution Kindergarten ?
4 -- Does the Management of a Minority Educational Institution have the right to admit students of their choice?
The Lifetime Learning Credit applies to a wide array of qualifying education expenditures, including expenses for undergraduate- or graduate-level and professional degree courses, as well as expenses for any course of instruction at an eligible educational institution a student takes to acquire or improve job skills, even if it is not part of a degree program.
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