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an institution dedicated to education

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com), the creator of innovative software to access and cluster the world's information for better search and discovery, today announced that it has launched a free search service for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions.
For school districts like Pearsall ISD and other educational institutions in Texas and across our nation, managing electricity spend in a complex energy market is a real and formidable challenge," says Shahid Mailik, President and CEO of Strategic Energy.
ISLAMABAD -- Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA) has issued a public notice to all private educational institutions functioning within the territorial jurisdiction of Islamabad,
According to the Regulations, the process of accreditation has been laid down for achieving the following objectives, namely: advancing academic quality; enabling students and other stakeholders to make informed choices with regard to Higher educational institutions; to facilitate Higher Educational Institutions to augment quality, by bench-marking uniform reference points pertaining to academic standards; to facilitate Higher Educational Institutions to acquire international recognition, cross-border and trans-national collaborations; etc.
MUSCAT -- Eight educational institutions from India took part in different segments of the three-day educational exhibition organised by Oman International Trade and Exhibitions Company LLC (OITE) at Oman International Exhibition Centre.
In an educational institution, a stakeholder analysis would start by identifying the obvious and well-known stakeholders: students, faculty, and administrators.
221(d) defines this as a loan obtained to refinance other qualified education loans or to pay qualified higher education expenses (QHEEs) for an eligible student at an eligible educational institution.
Furthermore, comprehensive assessment of service learning should address the interests of all stakeholders in the process, utilizing instruments that capture the interplay among faculty, students, community, and educational institution.
While mobile emergency alert system has been installed on android phones in each educational institution which sends a distress signal to police along with location of the school/college by a simple push of a button.
It attempted to make the selection process regulated, so that students are distributed onto different educational institutions according to specific quota for each educational institution especially from scholarships of the Higher Education Ministry during the next academic year.
Anyone who is thinking about contributing to a private educational institution plan should carefully consider this restriction, as individuals who contribute to qualified state plans may contribute to multiple state plans.
He directed that a control room should be placed on safe and secure place and every site of the educational institution buildings should be visible through CCTV cameras besides mobilizing security squads and deployment of security guards.
The Lifetime Learning Credit applies to a wide array of qualifying education expenditures, including expenses for undergraduate- or graduate-level and professional degree courses, as well as expenses for any course of instruction at an eligible educational institution a student takes to acquire or improve job skills, even if it is not part of a degree program.
Payments of qualifying expenses made directly to the educational institution by a third party (such as a grandparent) are deemed paid by the student (Prop.
The TRA '97 created an income tax credit allowable to certain taxpayers who pay qualified tuition and related expenses to an eligible educational institution.
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