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Synonyms for educational

Synonyms for educational

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This paper describes an innovative, non-traditional approach to teaching Educational Psychology to undergraduates (UG's) and graduates (G's) together in split-level classes where traditional instruction was complemented by a mentoring program.
Under the measure, the Federal Communications Commission cannot regulate religious programming at educational stations and cannot require that a portion of hours be set aside for educational material.
The Children's Television Act and the quantitative rules established in response to it have inadvertently led to a lack of diversity in programming and a surprising number of "educational shows" that aren't really all that educational.
Robert Slavin, who runs a distinguished educational research facility at Johns Hopkins University, has observed that the typical educational innovation starts with a burst of enthusiasm, followed by "widespread dissemination, subsequent disappointment, and eventual decline--the classic swing of the pendulum.
This historical development of law libraries has significantly influenced the educational model for law librarianship by emphasizing the importance of a legal education over any other.
Before such a discussion begins, however, readers must understand what constitute multimedia-based educational systems.
Educational Services Leader and Leading Global Franchising Organization Offer Franchise Opportunities in New England, then Nationally
13-14: Continuing Education: Chronic Illness, Loss and Grief; TAPE Educational Services; Toronto; www.
Both are influenced by a wide range of contextual factors such as the media, social interactions, interpersonal relations, and communication with others (APA Board of Educational Affairs, 1997).
The issue at the FCC involved a proceeding to overhaul the Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS) band plan and technical rules and determine whether educational institutions, public TV stations, churches, and nonprofit entities would continue to exclusively control the ITFS spectrum.
Over the years, many taxpayers have taken advantage of the educational and medical exclusions, under which payments made by a donor directly to a provider of educational or medical services for a donee's educational or medical expenses are specifically excluded from gift tax and removed from the donor's estate under Sec.
Camps were concerned with defining themselves and their role in the educational field.
The educational role of health sciences librarians in both academic centers and in hospitals is expanding due to influences of new educational models and growing use of technology.
ERIC Descriptors: Educational Change; Relevance (Education); Change Strategies; Educational Development; Educational History; Educational Improvement; Educational Innovation; Educational Needs; Educational Objectives; Social History; Politics of Education; Educational Quality; Research Reports; Position Papers; Educational Philosophy; Educational Indicators; Performance Factors
3-4: Continuing Education: Domestic Violence: The Impact on Women and Children: TAPE Educational Services; Toronto; www.
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