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Synonyms for educational

Synonyms for educational

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What Babbitt, back in the 1920s, saw as the main and guiding aim of American educational philosophy and practices, that of "training for service and training for power," has become transformed with a vengeance into dogma.
Jessica's travel expenses to attend the Florida seminar do not qualify as educational assistance under Sec.
3-4: Continuing Education: Domestic Violence: The Impact on Women and Children: TAPE Educational Services; Toronto; www.
Educational leadership programs are being challenged for not adequately preparing school leaders.
The camp was developed because of the need to provide educational programming during the summer for junior high youth.
With the economic stranglehold many universities and colleges are experiencing, IHE leaders now see that both student happiness on campus and later success in the workplace are critical to the economic future of their educational institutions.
The authors identify and discuss the main themes from the discourse on the internationalization of educational and vocational guidance at the 2004 Symposium on International Perspectives on Career Development, cosponsored by the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance and the National Career Development Association.
Countless articles and conference speakers stress the importance of educational technology plans and remind us that schools need to assemble all relevant stakeholders in the formulation of that plan.
School counselors have been asked to consider their contribution to educational experiences and outcomes for all students and to connect their programs to the overall mission of the school.
This paper describes an innovative, non-traditional approach to teaching Educational Psychology to undergraduates (UG's) and graduates (G's) together in split-level classes where traditional instruction was complemented by a mentoring program.
The measure gives religious broadcasters virtually unlimited access to educational radio and television stations that have traditionally been used by universities and nonprofit educational organizations.
2 percent of the programs broadcasters were counting as educational were judged to have little or no educational value.
He will also continue to oversee business activities at Educational Resources, the company he founded in 1985.
Flying blind without good research guidance has produced many an educational crash, charges Donald Orlich, a researcher at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.
The purpose of this article is to examine the broad educational environment of law librarianship in light of the particular demands and needs of the law librarian employed by the nation's corporations and law firms.
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