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Synonyms for education

Synonyms for education

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for education

the profession of teaching (especially at a school or college or university)

the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior)

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the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with education (including federal aid to educational institutions and students)

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Education is not a thing apart from life--not a "system," nor a philosophy; it is direct teaching how to live and how to work.
It appears that some doubt is felt by good and wise men whether really the happiness and probity of men is increased by the culture of the mind in those disciplines to which we give the name of education.
I resist the skepticism of our education and of our educated men.
To this great man George's education was for some time entrusted.
The Catholic Church has been playing a leading role in promoting the development of education in the continent.
lines of credit, term loans, letters of credit, leasing, cash management and card services, merger and acquisition advisory services, investment and trust services, student loans) tailored to the needs of participants in postsecondary education.
It must be shown that the course will effectively accomplish learning objectives that are essential to the education of future professionals, and that it is unique in its ability to do so.
This research study investigates special education teachers' attitudes toward autistic students within the Autism School in Kuwait.
Snell is director of the Education and Child Welfare Program at the Reason Foundation.
No radical group was complete without an education arm in those days.
Keywords: children, education, China, urban, migrant
In summary, the bill allows Utah school districts to prioritize efforts and resources to meet Utah education goals first, then address federal education goals.
However, traditional methods of education have not typically aimed to affect constructive social change.
Increasingly, our education is more focused on a problem," he says.
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