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The Mesoaxiological Pedagogy turns a cultural content into a education field, because it is a consolidated context of learning, pedagogical intervention supports, integrates the processes of self and heteroeducacion, enables educational values as cultural and common expression of educatees.
Therefore, education is an added knowledge to one's existing knowledge which is expected to lead to behavioral modification on the part of the educatee, whose efficiency and performance in his/her daily activities should consequently improve positively.
Both emphasize the combination of education and work as well as the all-round development of the educatee.
Furthermore, in view of a broader intervention designed to promote vocal health educational in school contexts, the proposed instrument presents itself as a tool anchored in a ludic-relational intervention between parents and children, and between educators and educatees.
In that same article, Dewey wryly reported a comment made by a friend that the real measure of progress in education would be the possibility of "bringing suit at law to compel payment of damages by educators to educatees for malpractice.