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capable of being educated

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The plaintiff's argument was that the administration of culturally-biased standardized IQ tests resulted in disproportional numbers of African-American children being identified and inappropriately placed in special education classes for the educable mentally retarded (EMR).
Dupeyrat and Marine (2005) found similar results about educable component; both found no significant relationship between educable and academic achievement.
Today, we're sending students out into the field who are employable not only in basic trades, but educable and capable of managing jobsites.
Therefore self love is "both inevitable and educable.
Stauffer refreshingly reminds us of this) sought to deny, namely, that blacks are just as educable and worthy as whites.
The problematic status of what the Review proposes shows most acutely in its failure to consider whether, and to what extent, the hypothetical faculty of visuacy is educable.
Corder WO (1966) Effects of physical education on the intellectual, physical, and social development of educable mentally retarded boys.
African American students--and in some states, Hispanic and Native American students--were more likely to be disproportionately assigned to the more severe category of Educable Mental Retardation" (p.
She argues that, in contrast to colonial social-scientific projects that took "natives" as passive objects of observation and embedded them within a racially hierarchical and Euro-centric discourse of civilizational progress, the nationalist elite constructed the collective national subject as unique and educable, both perceived as preconditions for the Egyptian national project.
A consummate scientist, Gould simply seized upon these challenges as opportunities to educate the educable, if not the creationists themselves.
In most studies the tutors included students with disabilities (learning disabilities, behavior disorders, mental retardation [mild mental retardation, educable mentally retarded, intellectual disability], other health impairment).
If he is anything at all, he is educable into callousness and stupidity.
These characters are the Alcorta patriarch don Fermin, who is at first skeptical about blacks' being educable, but who is convinced by his children to allow his slaves to be schooled, and the racist aristocrat Antonio de Cespedes, who, as a Conservative army officer, displays tactical military brilliance during the civil war.
could have backed the least odious of Somalia's warlords -- surely a human rights abuser -- and hoped that dictatorship would prove better than anarchy, that ''our'' warlord would prove malleable and educable and that he could eventually be forced to hold elections or be retired to south Florida.
Happily, in the fallen world, everyone and everything animate is educable.