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Prince Harry interviews former US President Barack Obama as part of his editorship of BBC Radio 4's Today programme
Prince Harry interviews former US President Barack Obama as part of his guest editorship of BBC Radio 4's Today programme, to be broadcast on December 27
Two years later, Ross Eckler took over the ownership and editorship of Word Ways.
The editorship provided me with a birds-eye view of the field of AI that brought its stunning progress into focus.
To be offered the editorship of such an esteemed journal is no small thing.
THE Duchess of Cambridge has urged society to view children's mental health as being "every bit as important as their physical health" as she began her guest editorship of the Huffington Post UK.
We are honored to assume the editorship of Exceptional Children (EC) as of October 2015.
Jude Dougherty's editorship has sustained for more than four decades an ongoing philosophical conversation that has enriched the profession of philosophy, cutting across numerous methodological, ideological, and topical differences.
I am quitting from editorship which I continued for long years because of my advanced age.
Under Doug Hesse's editorship, the cover changed to tan, and under editors Dennis Lynch and Marguerite Helmers, the cover became white with red lettering.
The first issue of the journal, the "Official Organ of the New Zealand Trained Masseurs' Association", was published under the editorship of Miss PK Trimmer, of the Wellington branch.
Due to the overwhelming response to the rotating guest editorship of the ARTSEEN section since February 2012 and inspired particularly by the thoughtful questions Irving Sandler posed to critics on the state of criticism in the December/January 2013 issue, we have revived and reimagined Railing Opinion as the Critics' Page.
When His Editorship had this column (about 150 years ago .
This issue of Defense AT&L magazine marks a change in the managing editorship.
The Society of Plastics Engineers together with the broader polymer science and engineering community and the current editors of Polymer Engineering and Science and Polymer Composites would like to express their immense gratitude to Professor Robert (Bob) Weiss for his many years of dedicated service to the editorship of Polymer Engineering and Science and Polymer Composites.