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insert personal opinions into an objective statement

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Upon my retirement from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), and concurrently from my position as co-editor-in-chief of Environmental Health Perspectives, I find that perhaps the stronger urge is not to edit but rather to editorialize. Therefore, I would like to provide some parting thoughts, and with them hopefully some insights gained from my experiences, which have spanned the broad spectrum of environmental health, from basic science to public health policy to science communication.
Under no circumstances should interpreters be allowed to editorialize. Likewise, they should be told to refrain from expressing personal sentiments or revealing any show of emotions to the subject.
The author uses this chapter to editorialize about his personal feelings regarding the drug policies of the Reagan and Bush administrations.
There are no funny camera angles to make him look goofy, no shock cuts to editorialize against him.
AP has made his detention a key issue in the past 12 months, keeping a page dedicated to it on its main Web page and, last fall, calling for newspapers to editorialize for his release.
"The law does allow news media to editorialize and do commentary.
I was totally amazed that you would editorialize about poor Wal-Mart and Murphy Oil without consulting someone in the petroleum marketing business to get their side.
Louis Post-Dispatch recently weighed in to editorialize in favor of a Department of Energy (DOE) shipment plan that would bring deadly reactor waste material through St.
"They [PostTribune] editorialize about the virtues of smart growth and reinvesting in central cities, and now they're making a move that contributes to all the evils they opine against," he said.
LAST NOVEMBER, AN arson attack against a Jewish school in Paris prompted Le Monde, a left-leaning daily hardly known for pro-Israeli sympathies, to editorialize that "disapproval and condemnation of Israel's policy in the Palestinian territories have clearly lowered the barrier--already unclear to some--between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism"
Many feel strongly that it is a duty to endorse, while many others feel just as deeply that they should not editorialize for a candidate.
For more than 20 years, broadcast organizations had fought a First Amendment battle over the freedom to editorialize. That ended on October 11,2000, when the U.S.
The attempt to gain hegemony at the expense of competing languages parallels the journalist's desire to monopolize public discourse on a given issue, to impose both one's reportage and one's point of view (editorialize) at the expense of competing reporters and editors.
Only about 200 radio and TV stations across the country (there are around 11,000) editorialize at all, only a sprinkling do so regularly, and even fewer every day.
He swiveled in his chair, providing a panoramic view of the pictures, pausing at times to editorialize on their larger meanings.