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a journalist who writes editorials

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Another thing the editorialist didn't know is that the Houthis are reluctant to assume governmental responsibility, something for which they lack the most elemental preparation.
The editorialist writes, "Humanity can learn from its mistakes [This is, of course, wishful thinking.
"We were making an effort to find out how we can be at all of our users' touch points throughout their day," said Editorialist co-founder Kate Davidson Hudson.
For the editorialist, the multiplication of UN officials' visits to Morocco shows the pertinence of Morocco's choice to honor its international commitments, and interact positively with the UN system human rights mechanisms.
She then consulted an oncologist (the editorialist).
This was the conclusion of a Haaretz editorialist this week, after Israel's bloody attack on a Turkish ship in international waters, loaded with aid for Gaza.Of course, it was a tongue-in-cheek description, which detailed the Israeli prime minister's visions and predictions in recent months: "the world is against us," and there's
An editorialist in the popular newspaper blamed Barak for the failure of the Gaza raid and called on him to step down.
So, if this isn't outright plagiarism by a top NY Times Editorialist, than I'm a happily married, straight man with 4 kids, 2 dogs, a lovely 2nd wife of 15 years with a girl half my age on the side.
of Victoria, Canada) had been involved in Chinese politics as an editorialist for the People's Daily, as a member of the policy advisory group to the national leadership on political reform in the lead up to the 13th National Congress, and as a speech and document writer for various Chinese government leaders.
I like to say that the editorialist's job is to get people "up from the couch" to somehow engage themselves in community life.
Greater insight into lesbians' social and sexual dynamics not only would help advance understanding of STD transmission in general, "but more immediately, would inform a cogent approach to counseling lesbians and other 'low-risk' women, and educating healthcare providers about STD-related risk and prevention," the editorialist concludes.
Three front-page articles in the New York Times in early 1957 by the editorialist, Herbert Matthews, served to inflate Castro to world stature and world recognition.
Years later, in the 1870s, working as a prominent newspaperman and editorialist for the Atlanta Constitution, he developed the character of Uncle Remus for "humorous" newspaper sketches aimed at white Southern readers.
Words that appeared in an editorial in Modern Age, entitled "Education for All Time" (Winter 1987), remain even more pertinent today, fifteen years later, as our educational ills seem to worsen and multiply: "We can no longer locate a center of values in the realm of education; no body of knowledge, in its continuity and tradition, is any longer commonly shared by or expected of those who are being educated." To be sure the editorialist's words are solemn, perhaps even grim, in meaning and context.
Trudeau may be 76 years old but he's still "spitting fire" as one editorialist put it.