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an article giving opinions or perspectives

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Editorial acceptances and cheques were all the amelioratives I needed.
And thereupon he would get out one or another of his manuscripts, such as "Adventure," and read it over and over in a vain attempt to vindicate the editorial silence.
Such trifles do escape the editorial mind, it is said.
He was already acquainted with the market reports, and he glanced restlessly over the editorials and bits of news which he had not had time to read before quitting New Orleans the day before.
From its editorials Saxon gleaned that organized labor was trying to run the country and that it was making a mess of it.
Bev will run the scrap book department, besides the editorials," said the Story Girl, seeing that I was too modest to say it myself.
Periodically, Ear, Nose & Throat Journal reviews its experience with resident members of the editorial board and repeats information that we consider important enough to call to the attention of our readers again.
Mainstream American journalists, including the most-aware editorial page editors, sense a shipwreck ahead.
The current trend for some advertisers is to create advertising messages that look like regular editorial copy or are placed "just right" to take advantage of a given piece of promotional material, with the belief that the advertisement will be more readily accepted if it looks like regular editorial copy.
We've talked a lot about strategy and design of forced free trial campaigns from the marketing viewpoint, but there is also an important editorial component to the package.
Selected and compiled by Charles Brooks (past president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, and himself an award winning cartoonist for the "Birmingham News" for thirty-eight years), the political cartoons comprising Best Editorial Cartoons Of The Year: 2005 Edition are drawn from the best that the nation's newspapers had to offer their readers.
A survey of MERLOT Editorial Board members reveals key attributes of the academic community including on-going and sustained interactions, shared purpose or goals, reciprocity of information, support, and services, and conventions for establishing strong ties among participants.
Thank you for flushing out all us complacent Republicans (``Kerry for president,'' Editorial, Oct.
Although the Prairie Messenger has brought its readers a wealth of important information and helpful, even inspiring, articles, its editorial stance has been disappointing.
A teacher tears an interesting editorial cartoon out of the morning paper and uses it to spark a classroom discussion.