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(computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data

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For more information on Career Step's Medical Transcription Editor program, visit CareerStep.
The documentation to train with a music score editor program (Encore) was the independent variable; it had two levels: hypermedia manual (HM) and print manual (PM).
This will call up the editor program, and present you with a blank screen, as no data has been entered yet.
One help is a new editor program with a "copy RTU" function that lets the operator load parameters, then make adds and changes.
Piperlime, the online shop known for the freshest styles in fashion, continues to grow its widely successful Guest Editor Program.
We are depriving readers of an interesting, serious section that is beyond reproach, and unfairly insulting the individuals we approached to participate in this guest editor program by telling them it is a corrupt concept.
If desired, any editor program which writes ASCII files can be used.
The school's Medical Transcription Editor program is one of the most employer-trusted training programs available.
Combined with Ohio University contributions of $136,000, the grant will be used to prepare a new generation of editors through the Knight Total Editor Program, which focuses on the editors of the 21st century who will relay the news to a multicultural audience in an increasingly multimedia environment, said Ralph Izard, director of the j-school.
As part of the ongoing guest editor program, Metro US and Earth Day New York (www.
Converting and editing music LPs or tapes to MP3 or WMA formats directly to CDs or DVDs is a snap with the Sound Editor program.