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putting something (as a literary work or a legislative bill) into acceptable form

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For fourteen years Caxton lived a busy life, translating, editing, and printing.
In the editing of this reissue of 'Melville's Works,' I have been much indebted to the scholarly aid of Dr.
Stelling deferred the execution of many spirited projects,--why he did not begin the editing of his Greek play, or any other work of scholarship, in his leisure hours, but, after turning the key of his private study with much resolution, sat down to one of Theodore Hook's novels.
It was a new light to him to find that, besides teaching the sixth, and governing and guiding the whole School, editing classics, and writing histories, the great headmaster had found time in those busy years to watch over the career even of him, Tom Brown, and his particular friends, and, no doubt, of fifty other boys at the same time, and all this without taking the least credit to himself, or seeming to know, or let any one else know, that he ever thought particularly of any boy at all.