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Synonyms for edit

Synonyms for edit

prepare for publication or presentation by correcting, revising, or adapting

supervise the publication of

cut and assemble the components of

cut or eliminate

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Edit Express scans the final file or files--in any format or medium--for editorial and production problems.
The first issue of Edit Well features: Audio interviews with Paul Saccone, product marketing manager for Final Cut Studio, and Kym Rogers, manager of AV Central in Adelaide, Australia; a video tutorial on troubleshooting a Final Cut Pro system; a section on keyboard shortcuts; and articles on getting great results using Compressor 2; using mattes and masks in Final Cut Pro; great 3rd party effects plug-ins; understanding video scopes; and solving the mystery of Auto Select.
While customers interested in giving their users the ability to interactively edit text, images, and layout elements from within their Web browser will have the flexibility to deploy their editing interface using Java applets, Adobe Flash, or AJAX.
LightZone is a better way to view, manage, edit and correct digital photographs and create stunning photographic and fine art prints.
This Series 80 version has received Symbian-Signed certification and provides owners of both the Nokia 9300 smartphone and Nokia 9500 Communicator with the ability to open, view and edit Microsoft Word and Excel files.
The Ulead HDV Plug-in for Ulead VideoStudio 9 provides Sony HDR-HC1 users a cost-effective solution to capture, edit, and output high-resolution HDV 1080i video.