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lacking a cutting edge

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A This is a common occurrence in edgeless mirrors used in a wet environment.
In The Return of the Condor Heroes, there are three swords to be won--a sharp steel one, a blunted iron one, and an edgeless wooden one--and "the most effective sword" is the wooden one, that is, the "non-sword.
The public university," "the university of wisdom," "the theatrical university," "the edgeless university" and "the university of openness" are just a very few of the many ideas currently being mooted and explored.
Supplied in standard gun-drilled form with an edgeless design to maximize injection velocity, or self-cleaning for use with difficult plastic formulations such as PVC and PBT.
Its rock is neutered and edgeless, but at its best, Coldplay makes total immersion music.
Este autor es de los primeros en incorporar en su modelo espacial la dispersion de la actividad industrial, fenomeno que posteriormente Lang (2003) denominaria edgeless cities, en contraposicion con las edge cities de Garreau (1991).
She mentions the "edgeless world" which describes the problem with the focus of the book--in an edgeless world, the library becomes a fluid part of the university as a whole, and not a discrete entity, and so discussing collaboration from the point of view of the library is not particularly relevant.
The curved glass surface is designed to give an edgeless
BenQ, a leader in digital lifestyle innovations, has unveiled its latest LED TVs with ultra-slim bezel in the UAE providing a virtually edgeless picture for an immersive viewing experience.
The virtual university, the borderless university and the edgeless university are contemporary ideas of the university that promote the association of the university with new technologies.
Based on a roll-to-roll metal mesh technology developed in conjunction with a UK group, XSense touch sensors provide a high-performance alternative to existing touch sensors and can be specified by OEMs for larger, lighter, sleeker, curved and edgeless designs for smartphones, tablets, Ultrabooks and other touch-enabled products.
It's my way of making edgeless paintings, so to speak.
Recent Chicago theater lore has it that the idea for mounting this deeply intriguing, engaging "The Original Grease" emerged, or at least advanced, when the last touring version of the show came through town--a production that did its Broadway casting on television and ended up so meek and edgeless that it came off as a five-action "Archie" comicbook.
Made in Germany, the 8-inch chef's knife is made from a single piece of ice-hardened stainless steel blade on an edgeless polymer handle.
outtowns, technoburbs, exopolis, super-burbs, ethnoburbs, edgeless cities, zoomburbs, boom-burbs, disurbia, edge city, middle landscape ir kt.