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Synonyms for edematous

swollen with an excessive accumulation of fluid


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The surrounding edematous septal mucosa and lateral wall of nose were covered by blackish secretion and debris.
Nasal mucosa appears inflamed and edematous resulting into necrosis and crusting.
The arytenoid cartilages were mildly edematous and moderately erythematous.
s Aldactone(R) indicated for essential hypertension, primary hyperaldosteronism, edematous conditions for patients and hypokalemia.
The prolapsed mass was extremely edematous, injured and contanimated with mud, dung and soil.
The central area is less cellular, edematous, resembling stellate reticulum.
A detailed endoscopic examination revealed that the lining of the nasal cavity was edematous and ulcerated (figure, C).
The perineal rash often starts out maculopapular, quickly becomes quite "angry" and edematous, and is followed by peeling.
The product is indicated in the management of primary hyperaldosteronism and edematous conditions (the retention of water) for patients with a number of medical conditions, including congestive heart failure.
The affected animal initially showed hyperemic, edematous udder, ulceration and vesicles on surface of affected teats (Fig.
Skin over the swelling was tense, glossy and edematous (Fig.
Visualization of the nasopharynx revealed that the right eustachian tube and the torus tubarius were more edematous than those on the left.
Disheveled and shouting, she was also tachypneic and edematous.
The larger frog was extremely edematous, with clear gelatinous fluid in the subcutaneous tissues and body cavities.
It presents as an edematous vesiculopustular dermatitis that mainly affects face, pinnae and submandibular lymphnodes.