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Eczema has a much bigger impact on our day-today life than people actually realise," says Margaret Cox, long-term eczema sufferer and chief executive of the National Eczema Society.
Earlier, the researchers showed that clinical supplementation of a probiotic mixture (EcologicPANDA) had a significant preventive effect on the development of eczema in high-risk children within the first three months of life (PandA study, Niers et al 2009).
People suffering with eczema and atopic dermatitis lack the production of natural moisturizing factors that serves as a barrier against viruses and bacteria and may have a deficiency in ceramides which hold skin cells together to form a healthy skin barrier.
A Swedish study this year added weight to the theory by revealing that kids whose parents washed the family's dishes by hand - not in a dishwasher - were significantly less likely to develop eczema.
NICE (2007) and RCPCH (2011) guidelines offer clear guidance on how to manage childhood eczema with core components being emollients and, for many children, the use of topical corticosteroids (TCS) combined with a strong focus on the educational needs of children and their parents and carers.
He said the exact cause of eczema is unknown but the food and environmental allergens, stress, irritants, heat or cold and genetic predisposition could be the factors to contribute or aggravate the condition.
It is common for eczema to flare up during stressful periods, such as a break-up or starting a new job.
Atopic eczema is closely linked with asthma and hay fever.
Dry skin eczema is predominantly a disease of childhood, which shows a continuous reduction with increasing age.
The number of people developing eczema is increasing every year, he says.
Yet, for many of the 15 million Americans with eczema, shedding clothes may be embarrassing and, in the case of children, may result in teasing and exclusion.
A UK-wide trial is about to get under way at Cardiff University to determine the effectiveness of antibiotics in the treatment of atopic eczema - a debilitating skin condition which affects around one in three children nationally.
BACKGROUND: Recent cross-sectional studies suggest a link between butylbenzyl phthalate (BBzP) in house dust and childhood eczema.
A reader's question answered by a family column expert: Q: My two-year-old son has eczema on his face - could it be caused by something he eats?