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This case report describes non-surgical treatment with mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and a six-year follow-up of a maxillary lateral incisor, resorbed by ectopic eruption of the canine and affected by lateral luxation injury.
Correction of bilateral ectopic eruption of first permanent molars using a fixed applaince.
Ectopic eruption of maxillary first permanent molars and association with other tooth and development disturbances.
5% of population, the canines show an ectopic eruption path towards the palate.
Ectopic eruption of a tooth is common in the dental arch, palate, and nose, but it is rare in the maxillary antrum.
The following manifestations were found in three consecutive generations of one family: multiple tooth loss, upper side incisive agenesis, ectopic eruption of the permanent maxillar first molar and intra-bone displacement of the upper canines.
IO of primary molars also shows significant reciprocal associations with genetically related anomalies: ectopic eruption of first permanent molars (FPM); diminutive maxillary lateral incisors; enamel hypoplasia; and palatal displacement of maxillary canines [Baccetti, 1998].
This condition is called an ectopic eruption and the tooth is called ectopic tooth.
Ectopic Eruption of Maxillary Molar Tooth-An Unusual Cause of Recurrent Sinusitis.
resorption of primary second molars in connection with ectopic eruption of permanent first molars;
Ectopic eruption of a tooth into an area other than the dental area is rare.
This is due to ectopic eruption of permanent suc- cessors, mesial and distal inclination and/ or drifting of the teeth adjacent to the extraction site.
The ectopic eruption and impaction of permanent cuspid is a frequently encountered clinical problem.
Methods: 28 panoral radiographs were collected, over a 24-month period, of 7-11 year-old children with radiographic evidence of ectopic eruption of first permanent molars who presented to a Dental Teaching Hospital in England.
Ectopic eruption of teeth has been reported in mandibular condyle, coronoid process, orbit, maxillary antrum, palate, nasal septum and chin.