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abnormal position of a part or organ (especially at the time of birth)

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Ectopia cordis (EC), a congenital extrusion of heart through a defect on the anterior chest wall, currently has no known aetiology and most cases are sporadic [1].
Avram, "Lingual thyroid ectopia: diagnostic SPECT/CT imaging and radioactive iodine treatment," Thyroid, vol.
The most common presentation of ectopia cordis is for the heart to be contained within the pericardium under the muscles in the ventral cervical region with a double apex facing craniodorsally.
About 80% of patients have ectopia lentis, which is usually bilateral, symmetrical and upward.
Keywords: Pentalogy of Cantrell, Ectopia cordis, midline developmental anomalies
(28) Without treatment, 82% of patients will have developed ectopia lentis by 10 years of age.
Eye involvement in the syndrome occurs in two forms; namely major and minor, where ectopia lentis is in the major category.
There was associated tonsillar ectopia due to the small cranium.
[1] Crossed testicular ectopia is an extremely rare form of testicular ectopia but well recognized entity in which both gonads migrate towards the same hemiscrotum.
Mechanisms for vision impairment in ectopia lentis include lenticular myopia, astigmatism, and anisometropia.