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Synonyms for ecstatic



Synonyms for ecstatic

feeling great rapture or delight

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Ecstatic client as they anticipate the new business opportunities they can now afford and realize they will be able to improve the quality of benefits.
forget winning runs up at the room to see ecstatic.
Eugene Community Ecstatic Dance is an offshoot of a larger dance organization in Eugene, the Eugene Coalescence Dance group.
ecstatic poets and poetry are joined by a common experience rather than being grouped together due to specific themes and styles significant to an era.
Caption: A first for the nation, Dan Craven was ecstatic after completing his first Vuelta a Espana last weekend
Summary: Ed Sheeran has said he is ecstatic after winning British male solo artist and British breakthrough act at this year's Brit Awards.
To touch or not to touch, and to partner or not to partner, became a great divide in ecstatic dance.
Summary: Crowds of ecstatic Libyans greeted the advancing rebel army in the capital Tripoli on Sunday, Britain's Sky news reported, saying opposition forces were now about eight kilometres from the centre of the besieged city.
If they really are ecstatic then, for goodness sake, put the girl under house arrest until the Warne spell wears off.
Denise said: "We are proud parents and very ecstatic.
Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore founded Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal in 2001.
The Ecstatic Quotidian: Phenomenological Sightings in Modern Art and Literature.
Peppered with intricate rhymes, his signature ballads and a litany of diverse, lushly produced compositions from producers like Chad Hugo and Oh No, The Ecstatic proves to be Mos Def's most well-rounded project to date.
I hadAa anissue concerning my internet connection since June and somehow the sales team at the du DMC shop was unable to help me but my last visit at the store was an ecstatic experience,.
I'm personally ecstatic about such an exciting development, and coupled with the expected season-ticket offer, let's hope we can get back to big crowds cheering the team on to success next season.