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an exclamatory rhetorical device


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This happens in the case of enallage of person, erotema or rhetorical question, and exclamation or ecphonesis.
In a written discourse, ecphonesis tries to remind the reader of the spoken reminiscence by inserting an exclamation mark, thus infusing some prosodic drama into the text.
I have chosen some instances of ecphonesis from A Room of One's Own that refer to the injustice that women and Woolf herself have come across either as writers or as fictional characters.
After an extended ornate passage in which Melville employs a number of rhetorical devices in the grand, the Ciceronian, style - apostrophes, alliteration, anaphora, apposition, assonance, ecphonesis, hypotaxis and rhetorical questions - he then falls back on the plain style and shows his awareness of doing so:
Poe's frequent use of ecphonesis is surely responsible to a large degree for the charge that he wrote in such an overwrought style.