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a frugal person who limits spending and avoids waste


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In addition, in order to find an alternative solution for optimal economizer controls, it is necessary to understand how the optimal high-limit curves are created.
The Polual HTCS for coating GEA Hitec Economizer, applied on light-metal finned tubes was tested under conditions of various acid concentrations and compositions.
A fuel economizer mode helps the driver maximize fuel efficiency, and premium, lower-rolling-resistance tires, and low-drag brake calipers and rear bearings make great fuel economy possible.
The new White Paper 136 'High efficiency Economizer based cooling modules for large data centers' details how the biggest opportunity for energy savings comes from the cooling plant, which, in some data centers consumes more energy than the IT load.
The prefab elements of the heat economizer are identical plane panels of compact concrete, with high mark, with rectangular form, with thickness of 50 mm, in which one parallel pipes ensemble of 13.
p]--heat density flux in the economizer scission, kW/[m.
Economizer of South Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA, has announced three new EXS Extreme Duty Single Shaft Shredders.
This reference volume contains ASHRAE standards and recommendations for environmental criteria, mechanical equipment, economizer cycles, airflow distribution, total cost of ownership and emerging technologies.
The economizer can also be used to eject hot air directly out of the building rather than cooling it through the rooftop units.
Economizer systems typically use mixed-air temperature (MAT) measurements for feedback control of the outdoor and return-air dampers.
The air economizer serves as a control mechanism to regulate the use of outside air for cooling in a room or building.
Offers EconoGrind ES Economizer series central granulators with three or five rotor knives, and ESL (Economizer Low Speed) beside-the press granulators.
Emissions were found to depend on the bark-to-sulfur rations in the fuel and on the stack oxygen, a surrogate for the oxygen level in the superheater and economizer sections.
Successive economizer and demand control ventilation (DCV) upgrades options add cumulative savings to this base plus setback strategy.
Develop and implement an economizer diagnostic plan