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Synonyms for economize

cut back


  • cut back
  • save
  • save money
  • be sparing
  • cut costs
  • be economical
  • scrimp
  • scrimp and save
  • retrench
  • be frugal
  • make economies
  • cut expenditure
  • tighten your belt
  • be on a shoestring
  • draw in your horns
  • husband your resources


Synonyms for economize

to use without wasting

Synonyms for economize

use cautiously and frugally

spend sparingly, avoid the waste of

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The CBECS data summarized in Figure 3 of our article indicate that VAV, chilled water, and energy management/control systems do not economize compared to unitary equipment.
The advantage of this approach is the ability to economize on the data since the influence of the subject main-effect is removed from the error term, thus increasing the power to detect treatment effects (Maxwell and Delaney, 1989).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-18 September 2001-Cataloga and Economize partner to deliver enhanced e-procurement systems (C)1994-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Defense Travel System will economize the costs of support to service members but maintain quality performance, she said.
Lean spending and wise investing will help you economize and grow at the same time.
No change occurred in consumers' tendency to economize and robust sales logged in the first 10 days of the month due to high temperatures proved short-lived, the Japan Chain Stores Association said.
In his foreword, Peter Hall points to the message that, 'We've got our economics upside down, and need to turn it the right way up: instead of economizing on people and putting them on the unemployment scrapheap, we need to economize on resources'.
Shapiro noted that genetically altered seeds allow "conservation tillage" to economize topsoil.
In a market economy, nobody needs to order people to economize on a scarce commodity or make extra efforts to produce it: Scarcity leads to a high price, and sheer self-interest does the rest.
Whiting also said that foundries can economize on the amount of power they use by examining their compressed air systems.
In a way, it was a good thing that we got into a cash crunch, because it forced us to come up with ways to economize.
Marshall adds, "A consultant can create a corporate-wide communication audit and action plan, including ways to integrate and economize on diverse consulting tasks.
By sharing our tools and knowledge we will be able to provide designers, manufacturers, and users of electronics the ability to economize their resources and reduce time to market while still maintaining, or improving, a high degree of customer satisfaction.
At Challenger, we had to economize certain things,'' McNabb said.