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the body of professional economists

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To summarize, three important characteristics of the economics profession are especially relevant for this analysis.
Bob crafted valuable and lasting service to the public, the economics profession, and the Federal Reserve System.
The economics profession was arguably the first casualty of the 2008-2009 global financial crisis.
Rather than lamenting possible shortcomings of the economics profession, the positive contributions are the focus.
Commons Award, established in memory of Professor Commons is awarded biennially to an outstanding economist in recognition of academic achievements and for service both to the economics profession and to Omicron Delta Epsilon.
Hopefully, certain improvements in the conduct of the economics profession will make the discipline more beneficial to society.
That Professor Pfouts did not talk about his command of a destroyer in WW II is consistent with his humility; the experience showed, however, in his leadership in the economics profession and his calm, orderly command of the classroom.
In terms of emphasis, while a chapter is devoted to the international academic debate on protectionism, the reader does not get a clear overarching view of the contemporary attitudes of the Irish economics profession.
They had to be taught the discipline of the economics profession, and also the rigorous demands of undertaking research and communicating the results of such research, in a manner that the ordinary person, with at least a high school background, could understand.
He calls this ''chronological snobbery'': The gold standard is a bad idea because it is an old idea and because the economics profession opposes it.
So in Reagan's new America the economics profession dutifully found that Friedman's economics was now correct" and scientific.
Yet, despite the constant pushback from the economics profession, stadium proponents are winning the war.
1 In many cases the economics profession has more or less forgotten things that it once 'knew'.
Whatever the reasons for its success, it has already made an undeniable contribution both to the economics profession and to public discourse.
HOLCOMBE has provided an excellent service to the economics profession with his Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics.
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