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the body of professional economists

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Since Coase became an economist in the early 1930s, the economics profession has been altered enormously in fundamental ways.
Specifically, Davis finds that although the majority of male and female economists have similar opinions, women typically reach a much stronger consensus--particularly on issues of equity and fairness in the economics profession.
HOLCOMBE has provided an excellent service to the economics profession with his Advanced Introduction to the Austrian School of Economics.
Without math, Coase provided unusually fruitful insights that shaped the economics profession, producing two papers that remain among the most cited in the literature.
presents 25 interviews with leading economists of the United States and Europe, selected according to the prominence in the economics profession as measured by academic awards and citations, as well as in terms of their diversity in age, gender, research interests, research styles, and institutions.
The economics profession and the policy community had downplayed inequality for too long, she opined, adding that 'corrosive' inequality hindered economic recovery.
It is a sad commentary on the state of the economics profession that relatively few economists before Buchanan had thought systematically about applying economics to political behavior.
Launched in 2009 and driven by the global financial crisis, the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) is dedicated to nurturing a global community of next-generation economic leaders, provoking new economic thinking, and inspiring the economics profession to engage the challenges of the 21st century.
Anna Schwartz was a very active contributor to the intellectual life of the NBER and the economics profession, and she will be deeply missed.
The guilty culprit, of course, is economics as practiced by the economics profession, from Adam Smith down to the present.
This is practically the mantra of US President Barack Obama's administration, and it has cost him the support not only of much of the economics profession, but also of Christina Romer, who chaired his Council of Economic Advisers.
Leading economists including Nobel laureates Joseph Stigliz and Paul Krugman now argue that the economics profession helped cause the crisis by preaching the virtues of unregulated financial markets in the decades leading up to the crisis.
6) Whereas JSTOR-ALL provides comparisons with the whole of the economics profession, JSTOR-4 provides comparisons with the research that is at the forefront of economics.
The economics profession has lost its way, the global financial system is confused, Ontario is showing a multiple personality disorder, and I am being confused with Milton Friedman.
Lucas called for models with deeper theoretical structures, and the economics profession heard him.
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