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Synonyms for economics



Synonyms for economics

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Dr Imran who is also president Academic Staff Association of BZU said that the programmes included: Economics and Business Economics.
Not only does Economics Arkansas continue to help me be a Lifelong learner - a trait I want my students to have - but they also allow me to use my knowledge to deliver real world economics to my students.
The five chapters in Health Economics and Outcomes Research: US, Europe, Canada & Emerging Markets include benchmarks that detail team structure, staffing, spending, compensation, activities and ROI, as well as costs for individual health economics studies.
During the spring 1997 through fall 1998 semesters, the Test of Economic Literacy was administered to sections of Economics for Elementary Teachers, Microeconomics and Macroeconomics Principles at Henderson State University.
Master's Specialization: The Master of Agribusiness (MAB) is a professional degree that is uniquely focused on the food and agribusiness sector with an emphasis on combining economic and business analysis, and incorporating quantitative methods as the basis for decision-making.
Coefficients for the other independent variables were not significant, suggesting that one's major, classification, and math ability were irrelevant factors in determining performance in the Principles of Economics class.
Shack-Marquez joined the Board in 1986 as an economist in the Economic Activity section (now Macroeconomic Analysis).
Hanke, Professor of Applied Economics, The Johns Hopkins University
Quandt discusses the issue of the economics of traditional publication media and digital media for scholarly publications, provides a comprehensive review and in-depth analysis of the research literature related to the phenomenon of journal price increases, and identifies the causes of these increases.
The criterion used in this paper to define a comprehensive institution is one that offers business related majors in addition to the economics major.
Hoffman lays the main responsibility on historians who, as I mentioned, are so wary of economics.
That's the question being asked in the development of a framework for the first nationwide economics assessment, a project of the National Assessment of Educational Progress that will hit schools in 2005.
University economics in this country is barely eighty years old, yet it is facing an alarming slide into irrelevance.
Economics As a Moral Science: The Political Economy of Adam Smith
Galbraith was born in Canada and immigrated to this country to complete a graduate degree in agricultural economics at the University of California-Berkeley.
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