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(economics) a theory of commercial activities (such as the production and consumption of goods)

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Economic theory says that the two decline in nominal wage, or an increase in prices of consumer goods will have exactly the same effect on the labour supply.
Modern economic theory makes accumulation of wealth the goal of economic activity, and values human lives only to the extent that they contribute to production.
Beyond traditional economic theory, behavioral economics integrates human psychology with classical economics, and it has resulted in the unsettling exposure of numerous anomalies that contradict some established axioms and presumptions central to traditional economic theory.
Embarking here at the always uneasy intersection of philosophy and economic theory, Danish scholar Ole Bjerg has the chops for unpacking the dismal science, discussing economic concepts with flair and mostly avoiding stumbles into the dogmatic realm of the disciplines' competing languages and logics.
Blaug used the method of economic theory to elucidate the formal structure of the implicit analytical models employed by his cast of great predecessors.
The Economic Organization is a pick for college-level economics collections and reprints, in a new expanded edition, a classic on economic theory which first appeared in the 1930s in America.
Economic theory let us down in the run-up to the financial crisis and it's letting us down now.
His understanding of economic theory is informed by logical positivism, rational choice and game theory; it is limited to examining the economics of market economies.
While the case of Germany supports the theory that a high public debt is not a problem if every new borrowing brings about economic growth and a possibility for the money to be repaid on time, the model of the Eastern European countries reflects the classical economic theory that advocates caution.
The means of perception employed in statistics, Hayek maintains, are not the same as the reasoning employed in economic theory.
ISLAMABAD, July 16, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) would organized a lecture on corruption and development: perspectives from economic theory here on Monday.
This essay presents a critical analysis of the economic theory of corporations and its idioms, such as "nexus of contracts", "agency costs", and "shareholder value".
While touching on aspects of his economic theory, it is primarily focused on events in his life, uncovered with substantial research.
Abstract: The history of economic thought is the branch of economics which makes its area of study the historical development of economic theory.
An appropriate and in-depth analysis of the enterprise is a necessary condition for stimulating the growth of explanatory and application possibilities of the economic theory of the firm.