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In his speech during the Islamic Economy Award 2017, he said the ceremony is not only a celebration of individual and collective contributions that are driving the growth of Islamic economy sectors locally and internationally, but also a celebration of Dubai's initiatives and the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that responded to the urgent global need to develop an ethical and integrated economic system.
The reforms in the Baltic states led to a liberal economic system with little government intervention, while the reforms in Slovenia led to a system with many corporatist or cooperative hallmarks.
It is no wonder that the adoption of the Islamic Economic system can stimulate economic growth and create new opportunities and initiatives through collaboration between local, Islamic and international companies.
Overall, 73% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents in the new survey said the economic system was unfair, compared with 54% of Republicans and Republican leaners.
Blame the economic system that the politicians perpetuated.
economic system, corporate capitalism, experiences stress.
Although there have been many convincing arguments and warnings about the dangers of our economic system and its players, Mrs Robertson claims no one seems to acknowledge the scale of the crisis.
These are very different questions, but the answers form a clear and disturbing pattern if we think about an economic system in the way we would an ecological system.
The contemporary economic system itself is not a balance system or let me say that the economic system is not in natural equilibrium.
This Islamic economic system demands a society which is living Islamic values.
The free-market economic system of Europe and North America could be undone by a new rival, called state capitalism, warns political consultant Ian Bremmer.
Summary: A roundtable was held on Tuesday at the Chamber of Deputies focusing on "The Davos World Economic Forum and the global economic system following the crisis".
The final report of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD) 21st International Symposium recommends exploration of new tracks to favour the setting up of a world economic system that would ensure stability and development in the world.
It's time for a radically different economic system which reduces inequality, creates jobs, puts people before profit, ensures a sustainable environment, and puts eradicating poverty at its heart.