economic strangulation

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punishment of a group by cutting off commercial dealings with them

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This type of warfare was more catastrophic in essence, as it pervades into multifaceted frontiers of enemy's territory; psychologically undermining its decision-making capabilities, systematically crippling its financial and information networks using cyber technology, economic strangulation via coercive economic diplomacy and leveraging its influence over international actors and institutions and meanwhile, developing and maintaining a robust defence posture.
I thought of the horrors of the now 70-year occupation of the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem -- the theft of their land, the economic strangulation to which they've been subjected, the demolition of their homes, the brutal unreported acts of collective punishment, the torture, the prolonged imprisonment of thousands without charges, and the daily humiliation they have endured at the hands of soldiers and colonists.
Economic strangulation is being used by the Saudi-led coalition as a weapon of war, targeting jobs, infrastructure, food markets and the provision of basic services.
6 (Petra) - The head of the Popular Committee to End Gaza's Siege, Jamal Al-Khoudary, said that Israel is still banning the entry of raw materials necessary to operate factories in the Gaza Strip as part of its policy of economic strangulation. The collapse of the economic and vital facilities in Gaza has reached its final stage as a result of Israel's on-going procedures, the closure of the Karam Abu Salim commercial crossing with the Gaza Strip for 27 consecutive days, and the detention of thousands of trucks loaded with goods, Al-Khoudary stated in a press release.
Eid Abu Dahouk, head of Khan al-Ahmar village council, said efforts by Israel to get them to leave their land are years old and they came through military orders and economic strangulation, in addition to constant attacks by Jewish settlers.
This coercion comes through military orders, economic strangulation and attacks from Jewish settlers.
In the U.S., both the administration and the conservative mainstream on these issues are warning that the PyeongChang Olympics could drive a wedge between the allies and relieve the military pressure, diplomatic isolation and economic strangulation that constitute the only tools the Trump administration can use.
Washington attempted economic strangulation, the failed 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, and CIA assassination plots against Fidel Castro -- including the legendary, but unproven story of sending him an exploding cigar.
Through a very calculated policy of political repression, social dehumanization, economic strangulation and religious persecution, it wants to Hanify (or Sinicize) the Xinjiang region so that the Uyghurs are marginalized as a people with no rights of their own in their own homeland setting the necessary backdrop for their forced exodus.
For officer Lentz, it means getting his life back after one year of economic strangulation."
Germany avoided a slow defeat through attrition and economic strangulation by the swift victory over France in May-June 1940.
Economic strangulation of Gaza was meant to undermine Hamas.
After revolution, eight years of war, varying degrees of diplomatic isolation, and economic strangulation, Iran has a demonstrated inclination for managed disorder that tends to hamstring its rivals.
As long as Palestinians are hobbled by their Israeli-induced fragmentation, occupation, dehydration, isolation, siege and economic strangulation, and their own current incompetent leaderships, they will find it very difficult to generate a more effective response to their sustained pain and vulnerabilities.
The economic strangulation has left Iran with nothing but to accept the offer on the table.