economic strangulation

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punishment of a group by cutting off commercial dealings with them

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But if Israel continues with its policies of Palestinian population control, economic strangulation, land grabbing, Separation Wall and all the other measures that spell continuing occupation, then Israel is in fact strengthening the call for economic and other forms of boycott.
How does Senator Schumer think advocating economic strangulation will actually improve Israel's security, help moderate Palestinians, or, as should be a major concern for a US senator, improve the US' position in the eyes of the Muslims world as his party's president, Barack Obama, has been trying to do since taking office?
As a result of the ongoing Israeli siege, Palestinians in Gaza have been suffering physical and psychological trauma, economic strangulation, the destruction of infrastructure, injury and death,' said the ADC statement.
Yet, talk of the economic strangulation is crucial to understanding the insurgency coalition forces faced post-2003.
They then describe the "quite moderate" policies of the FSLN government and how the US programs of economic strangulation and covert warfare succeeded in convincing the Nicaraguan people in voting the FSLN out of office in 1990.
The Iranian regime has entered a cycle of economic strangulation as a result of its desire to destabilize the world and threaten it with the development of nuclear weapons.
Since the mid-1990s Israel has imposed an ever-tightening regime of economic strangulation on the Gaza Strip.
Secondly, the way out from the current economic strangulation, the government of South Sudan should resume oil production through the republic of the Sudan.
The economic strangulation has left Iran with nothing but to accept the offer on the table.
In fact, it was the sum total of Iran's economic strangulation that led to the June 2013 election of President Hassan Rouhani, a "moderate" head-of-state as many consider him to be, with the hope that relief would soon come their way.
The UNRWA said in Abu Dhabi yesterday, "It's the process of economic strangulation.
Having already been half-starved into submission by the economic strangulation.
By 2001 the "C" market was range bound, but the range was in the half-dollar range, and at origin the farm workers were deep into their second year of economic strangulation.
For a close look at the economic strangulation of Palestine and the associated political disintegration, please see the detailed report by the renowned Harvard scholar Sara Roy.
The US aid, abetted by an Israeli economic strangulation, is creating a vassal Palestinian entity that lacks public legitimacy, hence, making it vulnerable to US blackmail and Israeli political pressure.