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any process affecting the production and development and management of material wealth

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Speaking to AA correspondent, al-Kabir said that Libya passed through a difficult economic process after the uprising that began in the country in February 2011.
Corruption, for example is clearly not good for the economic process as it diminishes moral and human capital and creates inefficiencies in the market by increasing transaction costs.
This discovery manifested itself in Lonergan's key insight into two different economic circuits--the basic and the surplus--and the identification of the pure cycle that would result from economic activity conducted in accord with the norms of economic process.
The Minister stressed the importance of "putting the Syrian economy house in order" in cooperation with all parties relevant to the economic process.
In this regard, we did our best to tame such a wild process and finally came up with thermal pyrolysis of rice husk which is a simple, safe and economic process," he reiterated.
Hence, in bringing order to 'production and distribution processes', all societies will have integrating institutions, albeit in diverse forms, that compel and drive the economic process (Polanyi 1944: 47).
The 34th Annual Summit of the Islamic Development Bank will be held from May 2 to 3 to discuss global economic process, various activities of IDB, the bank`s financial bills and its funds.
On Thursday, the 2nd Iraq Business and Investment Conference (IBIC) opened in the Egyptian capital Cairo with the aim of discussing Iraq's main economic issues and the role of businessmen in the economic process.
Dillaway is a community development expert as well, with long-time family roots in the area: her survey of the city's political and economic process traces the evolution of Buffalo, themes in turf battles and ethnic conflicts, and more.
Under the ETI and IC-DISC regimes exporters have to pass foreign economic process (FEP) tests to qualify for tax benefits.
The basic economic process in capitalism, "natural, spontaneous, and self-ordering," runs itself by automatically collecting, organizing, and acting upon "a greater number of particular facts than any one mind can perceive or even conceive.
Now an asset of diminishing value she is removed from the herd and sent to slaughter, making her final contribution to the economic process as a selection of meat products and pet food, her life terminated at barely half its natural span.
Modernity is a profoundly intellectual, cultural, political and economic process and project.
Here's a challenge: Develop an economic process using the enzyme D-glucansucrase that has been isolated from certain strains of Leuconostoc mesenteroides, a bacterium found in many fermented foods.
In that environment, price once again became the dominant supplier-selection criterion, and intense price pressure (among other things) forced weaker foundries out of business, beginning the natural economic process of forcing the industry toward a balance between supply and demand.