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The economic expert called for centralized control over concession agreements, stressing that it would provide better quality and efficiency at lower costs.
AN ARRAY of top UK economic experts were in Birmingham today in a bid to pierce the economic gloom enveloping the region amid fears of a doubledip recession.
Sources disclosed government has no more economic experts and no more time is left with the government to prolong the decision-making process.
KABUL (PAN): Three more including former attorney general, a businessman and an economic expert on Tuesday jumped into the presidential fray by registering their names with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) in the August 20 polls after naming their running mates.
Henry Fishkind of Fishkind & Associates, a renowned real estate and economic expert and advisor to Cypress Creek Capital, the land investment market had been a long term investment vehicle dominated by wealthy families and well-capitalized land developers and owners.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Awami Muslim League (AML) Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said finance minister Ishaq Dar is not economic expert and he is Munshi of the government.
The economic expert based his assumptions on the US increased production, which stood at 9.
Economic expert Ahmed Adam commented that issuing t-bills, a form of government debt, will contribute to raising the country's foreign reserves over the long-term.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The economic expert, Majid al-Suri said that the low exchange rate of Iranian currency against the U.
ISLAMABAD -- Leading banker and economic expert Shaukat Tarin has regretted to accept office of chairman of Privatization Commission (PC) saying he does not deem it proper to accept any public office unless his name is cleared in rental power case.
A seven-member delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran's economic experts, including legal experts, investors and technical experts of Lian Kavan Kania company, are in the Republic of Tajikistan to find out Tajikistan's cement production potentials and capacities," Abbas Bayani, an economic expert at Iran's embassy in Dushanbe, told FNA today.
Central Asian countries realize the necessity to address economic problems together, said economic expert Jumakadyr Akeneev.
According to economic expert Dimitar Eftimoski, this is an institutional solution, i.
Now I might not be an economic expert or a legal eagle, or even a pensions adviser, but I do know that in a recession the place to create jobs is in the public sector and service industries.
Unfortunately, rumours persist Sky's football economic expert Tom Cannon is preparing a one-man demonstration against Liverpool's refusal to entertain the idea.
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