economic crisis

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a long-term economic state characterized by unemployment and low prices and low levels of trade and investment

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The increase of youth migration, the decreasing numbers of marriages and births, and the dramatic rise in unemployment is directly or indirectly linked to the economic crisis, said Andreas Theophanous, political economy professor and chair of the Centre for European and International Affairs of the university.
He also added that the Greek economic crisis is also affecting the global economic scene.
Six years after the outbreak of the world economic crisis, market conditions for mechanical engineering improved so far that the turnover per employee could increase its pre-crisis level in 2014.
Contributors analyze broad patterns of industrial restructuring in a variety of countries; the global economic recession and challenges to China's export-led growth strategy; the implications of the global financial and economic crisis for trade and industrial restructuring in South Asia; the impact of the global economic crisis on the industrial structure and firm activities of Taipei, China; evidence concerning the relationship between industrial upgrading and global recession from the hard disk drive and automotive industries in Thailand; and the economic crisis and the restructuring of the service sector in India.
The central bank of Venezuela has indicated that the nation could be facing an economic crisis.
He said that the committee in charge of studying the problem of laid off workers at the time of the global economic crisis found that the number of Kuwaiti citizens working for the private sector, ostensibly affected by the crisis, was not as high as once thought.
The Service will continue intensifying efforts to collect and to shield public revenue especially during this difficult period amid an unprecedented economic crisis," it added.
Summary: Children in the European Union are increasingly falling victim to the economic crisis, the EU's .
Summary: CAIRO - Libya has granted an interest-free loan of $2 billion to cash-strapped Egypt to help it battle its economic crisis, local media reported on Thursday, citing an Egyptian finance ministry official.
The economic crisis in Italy has even hit organised crime, forcing mafia bosses to cut costs, Italian investigators have revealed.
Chaired by RTE presenter Pat Kenny, the event saw debates on the economic crisis, citizens' rights and the future of the EU.
Talal Abu Ghazala, affirmed that the GCC states are aloof from all consequences of the current global economic crisis because all GCC economic indices are positive.
Sinha pointed that the Manmohan Singh-led UPA Government had earlier in 2008 taken credit for tacking the economic crisis.
WHEN are people like David Johnson going to stop blaming the economic crisis on Labour?
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