ecological niche

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(ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)

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Based on the combination of all factors, the following conceptual model is presented that different plant communities are arranged in different ecological niches according to different needs.
Harnessing the world's biodiversity data: Promise and peril in ecological niche modeling of species distributions.
Climate change and risk of leishmaniasis in North America: Predictions from ecological niche models of vector and reservoirs species.
Advances and limitations of disease biogeography using ecological niche modeling.
In the current study, we attempted to establish distribution risk maps and produce ecological niche models for An.
Ecological niche modelling, for instance, is an important methodological development designed to predict the past, present and future geographic distribution of organisms.
They believe that the development of traditional media should be put in the new media ecology and reformed and reviewed through a new perspective of ecological niche (Huang, 2013).
Shaw highlights some of the keys to insect diversity, including tiny size, which lets insects take advantage of even exceedingly small ecological niches.
Engelman, an evolutionary biology major from Russell Township, Ohio, said the animal would have been about the size of a marten, a catlike weasel found in the Northeastern United States and Canada, and probably filled the same ecological niche.
Mangrove forests and salt marshes fill the same ecological niche in shallow coastal waters, both providing valuable services such as flood buffering, storing atmospheric carbon, and building soils.
In recent years, ecological niche modeling (ENM) has been utilized to analyze the ecological requirements of species based on points of known occurrence and to predict the potential suitability of habitats and the distribution of the species (Warren and Seifert, 2011).
It said, "Although there are undeniable benefits in reviving a species in theory, there is no way of knowing whether, say, a passenger pigeon would be able to resume its old ecological niche or if it might even crowd out the extinct species.
Ecological niche modeling (ENM) has been used in the study of the ecological characteristics and distribution of a variety of diseases, such as dengue fever (12), leishmaniasis (13), plague (14,15), tularemia (14,16), West Nile virus infection (17), avian influenza (18,19), filovirus infections (20,21), and monkeypox (22-24).
In this context, Ecological Niche Models (ENMs), also known as Bioclimatic Models, Climate Envelopes, Habitat Models, Species Distribution Models, Range Maps, and Resource Selection Functions (Elith and Leathwick, 2009), have been applied to predict the potential distribution of exotic species (Jimenez-Valverde et al.
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