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Synonyms for ecological


Synonyms for ecological

characterized by the interdependence of living organisms in an environment


of or relating to the science of ecology

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This motivation can be just to preserve the aesthetic aspect for human pleasure, or preserve to prevent depletion of natural resources that are important to the economy, or preserve it to prevent ecological imbalances or else preserve to respect nature and all living beings.
According to these results we can say that the activities of the studied iron foundry determine certain actions outside the allowable limits, causing disruption of life forms and ecological imbalances.
We have lived on the planet without attention to the long-term effects of ecological imbalance and abuse.
IN turn, this disrupts the food chain and results in starvation and ecological imbalance.
Given the global inter-connectedness of contemporary civilization, the prevailing movement toward poverty, ecological imbalance and exclusion can not be reversed by actions taken only at the local and national levels.
The human intervention has affected the natural cycle of water by overconsumption, pollution, drought, drying up of water bodies, deforestation, ecological imbalance, disturbed cyclic flow, selfishness of multinationals, money making of purification plants, etc.
The current Ebola epidemic in West Africa reflects a fundamental ecological imbalance.
Considering the lake has several benefits both to the local community in terms of cultural and aesthetic values and the ecology the drying up of lake may cause ecological imbalance.
They fear that setting- up hydel projects could lead to ecological imbalance.
We have to be sure of the content by conducting a series of chemical tests because this may cause an ecological imbalance.
Likewise, only small minorities of the anti-GM movement believe strongly in the health threat or superweeds or ecological imbalance.
They were protesting against the project as they fear it would create a huge ecological imbalance.
He said Climate Change has become alarming because of fast deteriorating ecological imbalance due to rapid industrialization, urbanization, growing pollution, and greenhouse gas emission.
Such natural calamities are direct fallout of the ecological imbalance caused by the environmental degradation by humans," he said.