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making decisions on the basis of what seems best instead of following some single doctrine or style

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There are few DJs still playing today with his dedication, eclecticism and encyclopedic knowledge of music
Despite Koester's failure to appreciate the continuing eclecticism of Stowe's spiritual life, her study has much to offer both Stowe scholars and students of religion and social reform in Victorian America.
Methodological eclecticism has gained wide acceptance among practical philosophers in recent years.
Its very eclecticism, as dictated by the alphabetical format, is its key to success for we are shown a fascinating glimpse of Russia through appealing photographs and brief chatty texts.
In these days of cross-overs and eclecticism in music, does every act or singer have to fit into a pigeonhole?
His tailored, clean-cut style mixed with classic muted colours are instantly more attractive to those trying to emulate a celebrity style unlike Depp's eclecticism," Barr added.
of Wisconsin-Milwaukee) provides an introduction to psychodynamic, affective, and behavioral theories of psychotherapy, wishing to promote technical eclecticism on the part of the clinician, who he believes can select procedures and techniques from many theories without having to endorse or integrate particular theories.
Mixing the eclecticism of Feist, Regina Spektor and Lily Allen, she still manages to keep her own unique voice.
Costello is known for his musical eclecticism and innovative and influential songwriting.
Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia embody eclecticism at its liveliest.
Eclecticism often yields attractive results in his hands, but it may not produce consistent or compelling outcomes in other institutional settings.
The title of the meeting was: Research, Music Eclecticism, and the Unsung Press in the 21st Century.
In this age of eclecticism, the Mackintosh chairs make an ideal seat in the house.
An articulate, literate flair for expression, the poetry is especially characterized by its energy and eclecticism.
Subramanyan, a contemporary Indian artist, with respect to how he has navigated modernity and postcolonialism to create artistic identity and meaning through eclecticism.