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a toxic condition characterized by convulsions and possibly coma during or immediately after pregnancy

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This resulted in delayed diagnosis, delayed start of treatment and eventually the eclamptic fit.
One obstetric textbook states that the radiological and clinical features of PRES are almost universally present in eclamptic patients (10).
Aukes and associates presented at last year's Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine meeting demonstrated that formerly eclamptic women reported significantly more disruptions in cognitive function 7.
It was not clear from the forms whether the women who died had had eclamptic fits or pre-existing hypertension.
Disturbances in the fetal heart rate are commonly seen after an eclamptic seizure, although resolution usually occurs within 5-10 minutes.
Plasma homocyst(e)ine concentrations in eclamptic and preeclamptic African women postpartum.
Control of eclamptic convulsions by pentothal drip; a report of two cases.
d) Significantly different from chronically hypertensive, preeclamptic, and eclamptic patients (P <0.
If the patient goes home and has an eclamptic seizure, her lawyer won't care that you were distracted by her long list of questions, so always take a moment to glance at what the nurse has written.
We wish to share an interesting observation noted during management of an eclamptic patient.
Seven years ago, the Collaborative Eclampsia Trial showed that magnesium sulphate was the most effective approach to controlling eclamptic convulsions.
Pritchard published a series of 245 consecutive eclamptic patients managed using this algorithm without a single resultant case of renal failure.
While her unborn baby Katie survived, Joyce was brain-damaged and paralysed by two eclamptic fits.
Researchers found preeclampsia in 37% of 147 sisters, 25% of 248 daughters, and 16% of 74 granddaughters of eclamptic patients studied 49 years previously (Br.
Ergometrine was given and she suffered an eclamptic seizure shortly after.