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oblong cream puff

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Pipe generous blobs of cream over the base of each eclair to cover the curd.
The patisserie concept, which is entirely focused on eclairs, has teamed up with the regional office of Francorp, a US-based franchise consulting firm, in its expansion.
Utterly unique, the Opera Black Eclair retains all the qualities that have made the Opera the bestselling timepiece in the Saint Honore collection: the sophisticated design with its lugs that elegantly continue the lines of the perfectly round case, which comes in two sizes (33 and 37mm) to suit the most demanding tastes.
The nuances of making the perfect eclair are like courting a lover: Don't stir too slowly, leave it in the mixer too long, use too much pressure or peek in the oven too soon.
This is a family that has been in the hands of the Aga Khan Studs for 70 years, starting with the 1942 purchase of Eclair, the 1933 Falmouth Stakes winner whose powerful line is thriving worldwide today.
This will be third official port for the Nexus One, the original Google-commissioned HTC-manufactured Android lead device - from Eclair to Froyo, and now Gingerbread (Android 2.
The two giant Gallic labs, Eclair Group and Quinta Communications, have not only been hit by the recession, they've also been struggling to step into the digital age.
Ammonium carbonate is best used in small baked goods such as dry cookies, crackers, or eclair or choux paste in which the baked good will be baked at a high temperature until it is dry and crisp.
According to The Guardian, comedian Jenny Eclair, the director of the Institute of Ideas Claire Fox, columnist India Knight and the children's laureate Jacqueline Wilson will also be on the panel.
But Rebecca Hayes will always be remembered as 'the chocolate eclair girl' from Pop Idol.
Further in, you'll find a lovely scene called "Magikgarden," picturing among other things a gnome holding what looks like a piece of dog doo, or maybe an eclair.
A teensy 2 1/2-ounce bar has ten grams of fat--more than a Good Humor Chocolate Eclair ice cream bar.
He also served as design manager of automated systems for the aeronautic industry at Eclair Services in Toulouse, France.
An eclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing.