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Synonyms for echoing

(of sounds) repeating by reflection


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These streets were huge canyons formed by towering black buildings, echoing with the clang of car gongs and the shouts of drivers; the people who swarmed in them were as busy as ants--all hurrying breathlessly, never stopping to look at anything nor at each other.
If there be a little at any odd moment, it goes, like a little noise in that old echoing place, a long way and usually leads off to ghosts and mystery.
She echoes, but by echoing she says something else of her own.
From an Arab-Jewish couple promoting nonviolent political action in the Middle East to a former Rwandan refugee who is helping immigrants make the transition to life in the United States, the global social venture fund Echoing Green is honoring the world's "Ten Best Emerging Social Entrepreneurs" for their efforts to use entrepreneurial principles to create lasting social change.
Selected from nearly 1,000 applicants in 60 countries, the ten organizations receiving the prestigious 2003 Echoing Green Fellowship will receive up to $90,000 in seed funding over two years to launch new nonprofit organizations that address society's most difficult problems.