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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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The evaluation of uterine contents was made with an abdominal echography using a Midray DP 3300 B/N[R] system every 8 days, during the 28 days of treatment.
Extending the concept of echography, certain hospitals are now beginning to propose 3D 'sculptures' of babies several weeks before they are born
9) In 2013 patients receive appointments as long as eighteen months in the future for a knee examination after being referred by the general physician or six months for an echography.
An early echography (12-14 weeks of gestational age) to reconfirm gestational age followed by a second echography (24-28 weeks of gestational age) Second half of pregnancy: Assessment and graphic follow-up of the evolution of the maternal weight, uterine height and blood pressure using standard graphics.
The study by Piccinini, Carvalho, Ourique and Lopes (2012), in which the pregnant women's perceptions and feelings about prenatal care were investigated, revealed the importance of this service, especially echography, to reduce concerns with their own and the fetus' health, and to enhance maternal-fetal attachment.
Their evaluation was made at day 0 (DO) first day of thermal treatment, day 21 (D21) last day of thermal treatment and after 3 months (M3), according to number of pain and swollen joints (CDAI), DAS 28, morning stiffness, analyses, echography (same joints in the same patient and along the time by the same echographist), visual analogue scale (VAS) for pain, fatigue, quality of life (QoL), appreciation of medical doctor, and finally the health assessment questionnaire (HAQ), always at the same periods of the follow-up (D0, D21 and M3)and simultaneously for the two groups.
Abdominal echography and endolumen echography-they enable differentiating of the inflammatory from ischemic stenoses of the intestinal lumen (Teefey et al.
1) Department of Clinical Sciences and Bioimaging, Infrared Imaging Laboratory, Institute of Advanced Biomedical Technologies (ITAB), (2) Echography Unit, Department of Medicine and Sciences of Ageing, (3) Department of Human Movement Science, University G.
This endovascular technique can treat the very superficial varicose veins and the deepest superficial ones by using an echography.
The abdominal echography showed an enhancement of the liver and spleen dimensions at the presence of abdominal lymph nodes, presence of which was confirmed by the abdominal and chest CT (Fig.
In particular, the ophthalmologic contribution has been substantial, with a complete description of malarial retinopathy, (15-17) with functional studies including electroretinography, (18) evaluation of blood flow of the eye by Doppler echography, (19) and fluorescein angiography and detailed fundus photography.
Italian Society of Cardiovascular Echography (SIEC) Consensus Conference on the state of the art of contrast echocardiography.
Orbital echography and CT (computerized tomography) are necessary to know the details.