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(of exocrine glands) producing a clear aqueous secretion without releasing part of the secreting cell


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[9] have reported a majority of eccrine tumors with nodular hidradenoma as the most common tumor reported in their study.
CD10 is also regarded as a myoepithelialspecific marker; and in some studies, it is described as involving benign eccrine tumors. Bahrami, (13) showed that CD10 was beneficial in distinguishing metastatic cutaneous renal cell carcinoma from skin tumors with eccrine and apocrine differentiation, but not tumors with sebaceous differentiation.
Malignant transformation of eccrine tumors. J Cutan Pathol.
Wallace et al (16) investigated the IHC staining characteristics of 15 cases (from 12 patients) of CMBC and compared them to a series of primary eccrine tumors, including 8 MACs.
[1] Nair observed that eccrine tumors were the most common followed by tumors with trichilemmal differentiation.