ecclesiastical attire

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attire that is appropriate to wear in a church

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When Foucault asked Pierre Cluzel, who was introduced to Vineron by an individual who had been raised and was currently employed by him, if the abbe wore ecclesiastical attire, Cluzel remembered that he wore his hair in a small chignon (25 April 1782), one of the marks of the "pederastical uniform." When the commissioner asked Jean Etienne Dessard, who supposedly procured for Viennet, if he had not taken a "young man" to one of the abbe's "parties," Dessard insisted that he did not know what the police were talking about (20 February 1782).(21) A number of other dossiers mentioned sexual activities involving groups of males but, unfortunately, provided no details about who did what with whom at these private events.
Likewise, the "Obligation of Ecclesiastical Attire" was reported as if Rome had only now decided that a Roman collar was essential.